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Top 5 Mistakes People Make With Curly Hair

Curly hair can be an easy and effortless way to style your hair or become your very own worst enemy.

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These techniques and unique methods come straight from learning under a curly hair guru. People traveled from all over the world just to have a curly haircut and style done with these tricks and truthfully achieving show-stopping curls is easier than one would think.

When you learn to stop making these five common mistakes, gorgeous shiny curly hair can be yours on a daily basis. Are you making these curly hair mistakes right now?

1. The Wrong Haircut:

This is the most important aspect involved in achieving great curly hair and the most overlooked. Many hairdressers make so many mistakes cutting curly hair simply because they treat it the same as straight or wavy hair. However it is drastically different, the shape of your cut is of the utmost importance.

If you have naturally curly hair then when you go in for a haircut try to avoid having it straightened and flat ironed when you have it styled. Hairdressers can straighten your hair and cut it perfectly and it will look wonderful, that is until you have to wash it and try styling it yourself.

It is much easier to see the natural finish of a curly haircut after-wards and this is when any small changes can be made. If a haircut is done on perfectly straight hair, then how will you ever know how your curls will lay once you wear it curly?

2. Avoiding Layers:

You MUST have layers in your hair if you ever want to ever style it curly. This is critical because without them you will end up having that dreaded triangle top hairstyle.

The hair would therefore end up flat at the roots because of the weight and then stacked on the ends because of the curls. The only way to get body and shape out of your curly hair is with layers cut into the shape. They should be rounded to give a more flattering shape.

There is this misconception that with layers you will end up with frizzy hair that poofs out everywhere.

This is a myth and a direct result of not receiving the right haircut and style. If you have curly hair, I am sure you’ve had to go home and restyle your hair after going to get a haircut. This leads me to mistake #3.

3. Combing Wet Hair

It’s common knowledge that combing dry curly hair just creates uncontrollable frizz, but what about if you comb you hair wet? When you get your hair cut at the hairdresser’s they comb and comb your hair during the cut and then if you decide to style it curly what happens next?

They reach over and grab the diffuser (which almost every curly hair person fears and rightfully so) and then proceeds to scrunch and blast your hair after having already combed out any natural curls.

Leaving your once slightly curly hair in a disastrous state of frizzy fuzz.

The trick to solve this is once you have combed your wet hair it must be rinsed with water again. Even after a haircut. This reactivates the curls to form without any frizz. Combing is best when done with a conditioner then rinsed to return it to its natural curly state.

4. Scrunching

This is how most people were taught to style curly hair.

This will just create a bigger, curly mess to deal with. Do not touch your hair! This is so important, once it has been rinsed with water any scrunching, towel drying, running your fingers through it will just make the curls unruly.

Decide on where you want to part your hair. First comb with the conditioner on. After, rinse your hair and then when it is soaking wet you can take a towel and gently blot the ends. It will seem very wet at this point but still avoid towel drying your hair.

5. Wrong Products and Application

Curly hair is generally drier than straight hair and it needs moisture. If you want that shiny bouncy finish for your curls, then make sure you used the proper professional products to achieve these results.

A lightweight cream used sparingly and dispersed evenly into the palms of your hands is better than any spray or mousse, which both offer no moisture or structure for the curls. Additionally they usually leave the hair feeling even drier and slightly crispy.

It is all about HOW you apply the product to your curly hair

. This method has been tested and if you avoid the mistakes made mentioned before; you will end up coaxing out your beautiful natural curls.

First use a lightweight curl cream – TiGi – Catwalk Curl Collection Curls Rock Amplifier is an excellent curl cream product that has worked on countless clients. Apply a small pump into your hand and disperse it evenly.

Then flip your head and from underneath and using just your palms and fingers like two paddles to apply the product all over the ends.

Avoid disrupting the curls and running your fingers through your hair, this method is about coating the product evenly and gently all over.

Lastly use a diffuser upside down and gently hold the hair in the cup for a few minutes at a time starting with the ends then moving to the roots.

Try not to blast the air too fast and move the diffuser all over, the less you move the curls the better.

Flip your hair over and lean backwards into the diffuser then repeat on either side of your head.

The hair doesn’t need to be 100% dry at this stage as you can allow it to air dry slightly after you diffuse it.

Now enjoy your new hair, as everyone asks you how you got to be so blessed with such stunning bouncy curls!

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